Long, long ago…

…I posted about my pre-Christmas excitement.  The gift that I gave my mother (with my siblings, of course) was a butt-whoopin’ stand mixer with 700 watts o’ power and multiple non-stick-cast-iron attachments. The giftee seemed to enjoy it, and we held the inauguration the week after Christmas when we made chocolatechip cookies.  Later that week, I made s’mores brownies; holy WOW, they were coma-inducingly delicious!

The individual for whom I created gifts received a 9-foot fleece blanket covered with penguins, a hand-made football-shaped pillow, and a decoupaged box for the love letters that I’ve written to him.   He gave me a pair of slippers, Spore: Creatures, and two football jerseys for my favorite team (eff yeah, Huskers!) with my favorite player’s number (Suuuuuuuh!).  His mother was sweet enough to give me a gift, and it may have been my favorite:  a Rachael Ray cookbook.  I love cooking, AND I love eating food, so a gift that offers the pleasures of both is very welcome to this little blogger.

On another note, I made some awesome aprons over the all-too-short winter break.  I may have to put up a picture or two.

PS:  Anyone know how many dashes I used?  :)

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