Tears of a Rapper, or, Don’t Take Me Too Seriously

So I was clicking links to random blogs, minding my own business, when I was pointed in the direction of what claims to be the worstest song evar.  The creators of said song attempted to produce something truly atrocious and unappealing to the average human.  If you listen to the tune, however, it’s really not that bad.  Some of the sounds used–banjo, bagpipes, harmonica–are among my favorites for music.  Who the hell did they poll?  Jimmy McBorington?  Sarah Mainstreamingham?  Themselves??  These ‘scientists’ totally neglected aspects and genres of modern music that many people dislike or can’t relate to, including the heavy-handed flailings of death metal bands, the unitelligible singing of various punk and indie bands, Flava Flav, stereotypical country music, minimalist instrumentals and people learning to play violin.  It appears that they also ignored the music and people of non-Western cultures.  Come on, peeps, do your research before making an all-encompassing claim.

Just for the record, I do kind of enjoy this song.  It’s crazy enough to take my mind off of studying for physical chemistry.

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