She’s got the urge

to bake granola bars.  Seriously, though, I’m really hankering after something homemade that tastes like those Quaker Chewy bars.  Those things are delicious.  Tragically delicious.

I’m thinking I’ll use this recipe and mess with it to get exactly what I want.  Updatin’ tonight, my peeps.


So the recipe was kind of a bust.  I didn’t have the heart to post right after I made it because I’m pretty unhappy about the results.

granola bars

These were supposed to be the granola bars to end all of my cravings for the commercially made stuff, the chewy little bars of happiness to dance on my tongue and steal into my dreams like a sexy, sexy burglar.

What I got was a crumbly, chewy mess.

When I started making the recipe I realized I didn’t have corn syrup, so I made a thick simple syrup to replace it; should’ve worked out to be pretty much the same, right?  I continued with the bars, adding sugar and bringing the mess to a boil, then adding peanut butter and vanilla and stirring like crazy.   I should’ve guessed that something was not right when the whole mixture siezed up and turned into a crumbly mess when I was supposed to get a thick liquid, but I decided to forge the river and roll with it.

Next came the mixingks of the fillings and the hot mess; when trying to press the peanut butter stuff into the oats and coconut that I had ready to go, I realized that there would be no granola bars unless I added SOMETHING that was actually a LIQUID to the mixture.  I ended up tossing in an egg and about 1/3 cup of milk just to get things rolling, and baking for ten minutes at 350F.

it's okay, I guess.

The bars didn’t turn out terribly, but I certainly don’t love them.  I feel like there’s too much peanut butter and sugar to taste the coconut or oats, and the oaty bits are super dry and tough to chew because they didn’t actually get to soak anything up.  I think this recipe will need a little experimenting, but at least now I know what NOT to do.

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