You’re a kitty!

Since getting a pet I’ve realized just how hard it is to say intelligent things around (or about) cats.  If I wasn’t married I’m pretty sure I’d be a lonely young cat lady making tiny, tiny sweaters.  Instead I’m a married cat lady making less-tiny sweaters because HOLY COW this cat is tubby.



I made this using a skein of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn and this lovely cat-sized mock turtleneck pattern from Ravelry.  This was super easy, especially for sizing up (because Barkley has quite the gut) and I’m hoping to make a green one for St. Patrick’s day.  If you’re on Ravelry my user id is radiationbaby!  Let’s hang out because I have no friends I’m awesome.


4 responses to “You’re a kitty!

  1. This is amazing. I wish I had the guts to put a sweater on one of my cats!

    • thecandiedmango

      It’s actually simpler than it seems. The hardest part is getting the shirt over the head; once that’s done it’s a lot easier to get the cat’s arms through the giant armhole. Another trick is to use single-sleeve setup rather than two separate sleeves.

      • lol I really don’t think either one of my cats would ever forgive me. And how you managed to get Barkley to stay still for a picture, I’ll never know!

        Also, I added you on Ravelry! My username is dogpoo.

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