Crochet: Hexagon Blanket

Earlier this month I decided that, for some strange reason, I wanted to make something big and (perhaps) awesome.  I’ve never knit or crocheted anything larger than a scarf or a cat sweater and when I saw these instructions for doing a hexagon ‘square’ blanket I got a little excited thinking about where I could toss such a lovely blanket and how I could decorate such an imaginary space.  I’m a little excited about looking for a house, so maybe that influenced me a bit.

yarns basket

At this point I haven’t quite decided if I want to make something large and properly blanketish (16 by 15 hexes) or if this will be more of a cozy lap-covering blanket (12 by 16 hexes).  I’ve only done about forty squares at this point, so depending on what size the blanket I’m either 17% or 21% done.

Part of the reason I’ve chosen those particular sizes is because I want the total number of hexagons made to be evenly divisible by 24, which is the number of different color combinations that can be made with the yarns I’ve chosen: 4 colors, each square having three non-repeating colors.  In the first photo above, in the lower left (EDIT:  I mean right) hand corner, mostly cut off but still kind of maybe there, you can see the chart I made to help keep track of the different combinations and how many of each one I’ve already made.  I think that, for a large project like this, it’s important to be organized so things aren’t forgotten or repeated, time isn’t wasted, &c.  Just having that lifeline is making the entire process so much more enjoyable than it could be, considering how easily I forget things (and how much I worry about forgetting things).

I’ll post updates on my Ravelry project page if you’re interested.  Otherwise, YAY BLANKET


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