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Crochet: Hexagon Blanket

Earlier this month I decided that, for some strange reason, I wanted to make something big and (perhaps) awesome.  I’ve never knit or crocheted anything larger than a scarf or a cat sweater and when I saw these instructions for doing a hexagon ‘square’ blanket I got a little excited thinking about where I could toss such a lovely blanket and how I could decorate such an imaginary space.  I’m a little excited about looking for a house, so maybe that influenced me a bit.

yarns basket

At this point I haven’t quite decided if I want to make something large and properly blanketish (16 by 15 hexes) or if this will be more of a cozy lap-covering blanket (12 by 16 hexes).  I’ve only done about forty squares at this point, so depending on what size the blanket I’m either 17% or 21% done.

Part of the reason I’ve chosen those particular sizes is because I want the total number of hexagons made to be evenly divisible by 24, which is the number of different color combinations that can be made with the yarns I’ve chosen: 4 colors, each square having three non-repeating colors.  In the first photo above, in the lower left (EDIT:  I mean right) hand corner, mostly cut off but still kind of maybe there, you can see the chart I made to help keep track of the different combinations and how many of each one I’ve already made.  I think that, for a large project like this, it’s important to be organized so things aren’t forgotten or repeated, time isn’t wasted, &c.  Just having that lifeline is making the entire process so much more enjoyable than it could be, considering how easily I forget things (and how much I worry about forgetting things).

I’ll post updates on my Ravelry project page if you’re interested.  Otherwise, YAY BLANKET


You’re a kitty!

Since getting a pet I’ve realized just how hard it is to say intelligent things around (or about) cats.  If I wasn’t married I’m pretty sure I’d be a lonely young cat lady making tiny, tiny sweaters.  Instead I’m a married cat lady making less-tiny sweaters because HOLY COW this cat is tubby.



I made this using a skein of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn and this lovely cat-sized mock turtleneck pattern from Ravelry.  This was super easy, especially for sizing up (because Barkley has quite the gut) and I’m hoping to make a green one for St. Patrick’s day.  If you’re on Ravelry my user id is radiationbaby!  Let’s hang out because I have no friends I’m awesome.


Unfortunately, the fondant cracked in some places.  Boooo!

Recipes used:




Long, long ago…

…I posted about my pre-Christmas excitement.  The gift that I gave my mother (with my siblings, of course) was a butt-whoopin’ stand mixer with 700 watts o’ power and multiple non-stick-cast-iron attachments. The giftee seemed to enjoy it, and we held the inauguration the week after Christmas when we made chocolatechip cookies.  Later that week, I made s’mores brownies; holy WOW, they were coma-inducingly delicious!

The individual for whom I created gifts received a 9-foot fleece blanket covered with penguins, a hand-made football-shaped pillow, and a decoupaged box for the love letters that I’ve written to him.   He gave me a pair of slippers, Spore: Creatures, and two football jerseys for my favorite team (eff yeah, Huskers!) with my favorite player’s number (Suuuuuuuh!).  His mother was sweet enough to give me a gift, and it may have been my favorite:  a Rachael Ray cookbook.  I love cooking, AND I love eating food, so a gift that offers the pleasures of both is very welcome to this little blogger.

On another note, I made some awesome aprons over the all-too-short winter break.  I may have to put up a picture or two.

PS:  Anyone know how many dashes I used?  :)

Wake the Dead

…blog, that is.  It’s been quite a while since my last post—45 days, to be precise.  Since then, I’ve picked up counted cross-stitching, sewn a dress, traveled to Colorado for a cousin’s wedding, gone on an extended family reunion trip, descended into poverty, and purchased two new books.  I’ve also done quite a bit of art journaling, which I’ve come to rely on for stress relief, and have searched for a job for the coming school year to help pay for tuition and books.  I’ll update later with some pictures from my journal.

Floating to Safety

One of my cousins graduated from high school today.  My dad is his godfather, so we stopped by his graduation party yesterday afternoon.  Most of my time was spent in the living room with the ‘children’ playing Super Smash Bro.’s Brawl, but the little time that I spent mingling was rather informative.

I learned that…

1.  Otis died last week.  Otis is the dog that my cousin, Adam, and his wife, Anne, adopted just before their wedding.  He was a laid-back little guy, but he had some nerve damage from his puppyhood so he required a little more care than your average lapdog.  Otis was like their first child.

2.  My eldest cousin, Jason, will be deployed next February.  He’ll be driving trucks and such, working on the transportation teams, driving over mine-riddled roads… This has really made me rethink my position on the whole ‘War on Terror’.  I don’t know if I’ve changed my mind, but I’m certainly doing more thinking.  I hope I don’t forget to pray for him.

3.  Jason’s little sister, Abby, is getting married in August.  Her boyfriend (or fiancee, if you prefer) seems like a good guy; I’m happy for her.

I also had a spifftastic time watching maple seeds hurtling towards the lawn; sometimes I wonder if they’re terrified as they fall, tiny parachuting soldiers clutching wrinkled sepia photographs of their sweethearts as they spiral down to earth, wondering if anyone will be waiting for them back home, afraid that they might not live to find out the truth.  Are adventures always so stressful?  I’d like to have an adventure, but I don’t know if my nerves can handle it.

Ohhhh man…

…my back is so stiff and sore right now.  I wish I had an extra set of arms sprouting out of my shoulder blades so I could give myself a backrub…darn evolutionary imperfections.

Last week, I mentioned an upcoming Judo competition; this week, I’ll elaborate.

The trip was fun.  Eight people crammed themselves (and their luggage, of course) into a red, university-issue, fifteen passenger vanmobile.  They drove for about nine hours, then stopped in Minnesota so they could rest and kick ass.  On the way, there were many shenanigans and much rejoicing.  Everyone stayed in a hotel, soaked in a hot tub before bedtime rolled around, then woke up the next morning to head for the Judo meet.  The competition was okay; I got second place out of two people…but I won a big trophy, so it’s all good.  Later, there were more shenanigans in the hotel, including beverages for most of the party and impromptu karaoke.  The next morning, everyone piled into the oversized vanmobile once more to make the arduous return trip home.  More shenanigans ensued, followed by sighs of comfort upon entering the homeland.  There was much rejoicing.

In other news, I’ve finally finished the front and back covers of my art journal.  It’s about time, right?

The glorious front cover...

...and the fabbityfab back cover.

I’m way happy to have the covers done (aside from a couple more layers of paster), but I still have to find a way to decorate the spine.  Any ideas?  Anyone?