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Ohhhh man…

…my back is so stiff and sore right now.  I wish I had an extra set of arms sprouting out of my shoulder blades so I could give myself a backrub…darn evolutionary imperfections.

Last week, I mentioned an upcoming Judo competition; this week, I’ll elaborate.

The trip was fun.  Eight people crammed themselves (and their luggage, of course) into a red, university-issue, fifteen passenger vanmobile.  They drove for about nine hours, then stopped in Minnesota so they could rest and kick ass.  On the way, there were many shenanigans and much rejoicing.  Everyone stayed in a hotel, soaked in a hot tub before bedtime rolled around, then woke up the next morning to head for the Judo meet.  The competition was okay; I got second place out of two people…but I won a big trophy, so it’s all good.  Later, there were more shenanigans in the hotel, including beverages for most of the party and impromptu karaoke.  The next morning, everyone piled into the oversized vanmobile once more to make the arduous return trip home.  More shenanigans ensued, followed by sighs of comfort upon entering the homeland.  There was much rejoicing.

In other news, I’ve finally finished the front and back covers of my art journal.  It’s about time, right?

The glorious front cover...

...and the fabbityfab back cover.

I’m way happy to have the covers done (aside from a couple more layers of paster), but I still have to find a way to decorate the spine.  Any ideas?  Anyone?