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Busy Puppy

Man’o’war, I have been busy lately!  Some days I don’t even get to check my email; that’s like forgetting to apply pressure to a large, profusely bleeding wound—you just don’t do it.

I guess it’s nice to keep busy.  I have a job now, so I’m earning money in exchange for my freedom, and I’m involved in more activities and actually making friends.  I’ve found that the more I have, the further away I feel.  I don’t really get it some days; is it because I’m spreading myself too thin?  Am I like the last pathetic spoonful of peanut butter trying to fulfill my existence as a meager sandwich filler?  IDK, people.  I just DK.  I would say that I’m busy like a bee, but I like puppies more than I like bees.  Puppies like people; bees like to sting people.  Puppies are fluffy; bees are pointy and kind of crunchy.  Puppies work hard at playing; bees work hard at collecting and regurgitating nectar.  In all seriousness, is there any good reason to say that one is “busy as a bee” and not “busy as a puppy”?    I mean, what is up with that? /Seinfeldvoice