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My toes are so cold…

…but my clothes will stay clean when I’m cooking. I drafted an apron pattern for my mom today and I tested it on this fun stars-hearts-rainbow-cloudpuff patterned fabric. I just need some lace for the bottom edge and it will be perfect.
I’m excited for Christmas, but at the same time very nervous. This is the first year I’ve
A) purchased a gift for my mother, and
B) crafted something for someone I care about.
I still have to finished putting everything together, and I’m a little scared that it won’t be done in time. I keep freaking out about what I’ll do if I don’t get done in time, but I guess it’ll be exciting to find out, right?
Merry Christmas, my lovelies.



Oh, how I love holiday break.  It’s very refreshing, especially after the hellish end of a typical semester.   The snow on the ground softens the edges of the landscape, inviting one to look, and be at peace.

Plus, winter holidays often arrive bearing gifts.  I got a laptop bag ($20!  total steal!), a John Wayne movie, pajamas, more pajamas, a pair of super soft socks, and two shirts.  Also, my BF  gave me an MP3 playah,  which he ordered online for another complete steal!  I felt kind of bad, because I gave him a shirt and a bunch of cookies.