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Twice in one day?

Outrrrrrageous!  Scandalous!  Unprecedented!

The reason for this reappearance is to pull a little something out of my head, so it won’t hang around and bother me.


I saw this lovely photograph in Blue Planet1’s photostream on Flickr as a part of his Tiny Dancer set.  It makes me think of a little girl-almost woman watching herself in the mirror, weighing her talents and foibles in her garceful hands and judging the possiblities of her future based on the size of her waist, the way her hair falls against her neck, and the shape of her eyes. 

My sister is at that age right now.  When I was home from college during the winter break, I overheard her complaining about how fat her thighs are.  She’s in sixth grade, almost five feet in height, around 80 pounds, and she’s already convinced that her worth is proportional to her weight.  It’s frustrating to tell her how lovely she is and to be told that I’m wrong because I’m “stupid” and I “just don’t understand”.  I used to feel that way, and I sometimes have those moments now; they happen to everyone.  I just hope that she realizes, someday, just how beautiful she is.