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It’s Irish Day!

No, not St. Patrick’s Day—Irish GFL day, where my dormitory’s friendly cafeteria leprechauns share the goodness of the Green Isle with all of us youngsters!  I’m soooo excited to eat food, because food and I are pretty tight, like-a-so:


Look upon my MSPaint skills with awe and wonderation; notice the glorious, white Minnie Mouse-style shoes that grace my feet; smile upon the hot pink and white cake, with its shiny blue eyes and blushing cheeks; gaze upon it and be happy.

On another, slightly more sinister note, I was working on a scarf that I started knitting on Sunday (using this pattern) and realized that I made a big booboo by forgetting to repeat the cabled pattern a second time.  I had to frog an inch and a half, which would be about fifteen minutes of knitting.  I was so sad.  But now I can carry on with the knitting and purling and cabling, because all is well.