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Hold onto your knickers…

…because it’s Leap Day!  And today, most special of all days, I have quite a few things in mind.  Because I’ll be going home (to mah family!), I can do the following things….

Item Number One:  I’ll be baking up some brownies tonight, competing with Little Debbie’s Cosmic Brownies.  I don’t really like Little Debbie’s, but I love brownies in general, as well as fudge frosting.  This should be good.

Item Number Two:  Plastic bag fusion!  I’m very excited, because I’ve never done this before.  I’m hoping to make a tote bag and a reusable grocery/shopped item carrierthing.  Maybe I can get my little sister interested, too…go green!

Item Number Three:  I’m going to try making some cloth pads, because disposable femenine “hygiene” items are very unpleasant when you’re already cramping and bloated.  TMI?  Sorry—I’ll give the verdict in a more private location, so don’t worry about hearing the specifics!

All of this, combined with a visit to the local library, comprise my Fantastic Leap Friday. 

EDIT:  I got my Chemistry test back—IT’S AN “A”!  Augh, I’m so excited!