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The Secrets of Organic Chemistry

This title is a lie; there is neither deceit nor bribe in existence to help me in that class.  I wish there were secrets—some sort of trick I could abuse to crawl to the head of my graduating class, victorious at last in my feverish race to success, clenching a bottle filled with the tears of my opponents… I’ll settle for working hard, though.

On the brighter side of things, I enjoy the class a great deal, and the teacher is a hoot (“a hoot” meaning “entertaining”).  I like to use that term, but sometimes I worry that it’s a little outmoded and that no one understands what I’m saying.  Does anyone else think it’s old-fashioned?  Am I embarrassing myself by using it in the RL?

I am very excited for Next Week, because after Next Week comes Fall Break—a glorious two days without any sort of class or obligation.  I can sleep, eat, sleep, hang out, sleep, and not wear pants.  How much better can it get?