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Floating to Safety

One of my cousins graduated from high school today.  My dad is his godfather, so we stopped by his graduation party yesterday afternoon.  Most of my time was spent in the living room with the ‘children’ playing Super Smash Bro.’s Brawl, but the little time that I spent mingling was rather informative.

I learned that…

1.  Otis died last week.  Otis is the dog that my cousin, Adam, and his wife, Anne, adopted just before their wedding.  He was a laid-back little guy, but he had some nerve damage from his puppyhood so he required a little more care than your average lapdog.  Otis was like their first child.

2.  My eldest cousin, Jason, will be deployed next February.  He’ll be driving trucks and such, working on the transportation teams, driving over mine-riddled roads… This has really made me rethink my position on the whole ‘War on Terror’.  I don’t know if I’ve changed my mind, but I’m certainly doing more thinking.  I hope I don’t forget to pray for him.

3.  Jason’s little sister, Abby, is getting married in August.  Her boyfriend (or fiancee, if you prefer) seems like a good guy; I’m happy for her.

I also had a spifftastic time watching maple seeds hurtling towards the lawn; sometimes I wonder if they’re terrified as they fall, tiny parachuting soldiers clutching wrinkled sepia photographs of their sweethearts as they spiral down to earth, wondering if anyone will be waiting for them back home, afraid that they might not live to find out the truth.  Are adventures always so stressful?  I’d like to have an adventure, but I don’t know if my nerves can handle it.